Eight Year Anniversary

Today is the eight year anniversary of finding the daughter I surrendered to a closed stranger adoption in 1986.  I am nostalgic. Reflecting on who I was eight years ago, all that I hoped for, dreamed about versus what really happened.  I won’t do a lengthy post as I believe my six year post still says it all. Read it here.

I will say this. I still think of her every day. I still savor the crumbs of her life she leaves strewn across the internet. I still smile when she colors her hair a new color or writes a new provocative article. I hope she is well and happy and foolish as it may be to hold on, I do hope someday she grants me the honor of an in person reunion.

6 Thoughts.

  1. I still remember the message you left me. One of the happiest days I’ve had for you. Patience. You might be surprised some day when she makes the move. Thinking about you today.

  2. Hugs, Suz. My son no longer remembers our “anniversary.” But I do. Always stop and reflect upon that day. Regardless of what happened after.

  3. Hi Suz,

    Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you with loving thoughts for all you do to make this planet a better place to live.

  4. I truly believe that one day your beautiful daughter will indeed reach out to you Suz. I hope & pray it will be sooner rather than later…

  5. Suz, I hope things work out well for you. I suppose being patient is the only thing you could do. Might I just add that I love the ‘Own It’ quote on the right? Very true!

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