Good Adoptee in Cleveland

I will admit up front I know zero about the Adoption Network Cleveland and their conference. A friend whom I respect shared this on her Facebook wall. I am thereby assuming they are a decent org.

Even if they aren’t (honestly), I encourage all in the area to try and see The Good Adoptee which is being performed as part of the Adoption Network Cleveland annual conference. It appears you do not need to register for full conference to see the performance. Double check that, I could be wrong.

I saw this play in NYC (and shamefully, never wrote my thoughts on it, more to come on that) and really enjoyed. I say enjoyed in the sense that I appreciated adoptee Suzanne Bachner excellent playwriting skills and her willingness to share her story. The actress who plays Suzanne is also pretty fabulous.

Trailer for The Good Adoptee below. Find info on the  Adoption Network Cleveland annual conference at their site.

Help CT Adoptees

Access Connecticut is conducting a crowdfunding campaign to help them retain their lobbyist for future adoptee rights  work in Connecticut.   They need $25K and are currently at $7K.  You can donate online at their crowd funding page or mail a check (details at the page).

From Access Connecticut:

“This is the minimum amount we need to retain our lobbyist again and initiate our legislative effort in January, 2016.  Access Connecticut needs to reach and educate a wide audience, including public officials, lawmakers and the public itself.  In support of those efforts, funds raised will also go toward education, media, public relations, and volunteer advocacy. All contributions will be used for these designated purposes, as well as administrative and other expenses that support or are in furtherance of our goals. – See more 

When Caseworkers Respond

Remember the mom of a few days ago that expressed interest in meeting with the Easter House caseworker?

She wrote a letter and requested a meeting.  Below is the response she received via certified mail.  Names have been removed by me by design.  It feels important to note that this mother has already found her child and is in reunion.

I will let you comment before I share mine. Note I have the mothers original letter as well.  I will ask for her permission to post that.  I can assure you it was very non threatening, non worthy of a being told she needs mental help.

Edited 5/9 to add mothers letter. I blurred out certain identifying information of mother or her family.  Remainder is unchanged.  

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