Plans for Fall

If you follow me on Facebook you know that as of September 1 I am participating in 99 days of Freedom.  The thinking behind doing so is complicated. I won’t bore you with details.  I will offer that my personal goal for the fall is to write more frequently, specifically on my book. I also hope to write more frequently here, perhaps share excerpts of what I am writing.

In addition to this change, effective September 1 I am no longer a Merchandiser for Chloe & Isabel which, in turn, means I will no longer be donating funds to organizations supporting family preservation. However, I do have other plans in the works. I will share likely in the Spring.  I will give you one clue and it is a literary one.  It is one word : peripety.

Stay tuned!

$100 to The Care Center

Chloe & Isabel by Suz donated $100 to The Care Center of Holyoke, Mass.  Thank you to all who purchased baubles from my online store within the past 30 days. Your love of beautiful jewels has been shared with The Care Center.

We recently added a capsule collection to our Moroccan Summer.  Check both the original and the capsule out on our Facebook page.  One hundred percent of our June commissions will be donated to Gretchen Sissons Fundraiser for Backline.  This fall Backline is opening an All Options Pregnancy Center. Read more about it at  Gretchen’s fundraiser page.

You can donate directly to the effort at Gretchen’s Crowdrise page or you can shop now at Chloe & Isabel by Suz.  All commission from sales made during the month of June will be donated Gretchen/Backline on July 5th.


Moroccan Summer

10252146_10152071378485840_4333079183926530650_nChloe & Isabel launched their Summer 2014 Collection called Moroccan Summer.   This collection is chock full of semi-precious stones like amethyst, sodolite, mother of pearl and turquoise.

To celebrate the launch and in support of Baubles for Babes, I am hosting an online Mystery Hostess Party. Take a look at the new pieces and if you find something you like order from this link.

Every item purchased will get you an entry into our drawing for Mystery Hostess.  If your entry is picked you will get FREE jewelry credits.

As is always the case with Baubles for Babes all commissions from all sales will be donated to an organization that supports young parents. This month we are returning to Massachusetts and support The Care Center of Holyoke. 

For more info, visit Chloe & Isablel by Suz on Facebook.