Moroccan Summer

10252146_10152071378485840_4333079183926530650_nChloe & Isabel launched their Summer 2014 Collection called Moroccan Summer.   This collection is chock full of semi-precious stones like amethyst, sodolite, mother of pearl and turquoise.

To celebrate the launch and in support of Baubles for Babes, I am hosting an online Mystery Hostess Party. Take a look at the new pieces and if you find something you like order from this link.

Every item purchased will get you an entry into our drawing for Mystery Hostess.  If your entry is picked you will get FREE jewelry credits.

As is always the case with Baubles for Babes all commissions from all sales will be donated to an organization that supports young parents. This month we are returning to Massachusetts and support The Care Center of Holyoke. 

For more info, visit Chloe & Isablel by Suz on Facebook.

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  1. Did you send your daughter a Birthday greeting? Sorry this is off topic but I’m wondering if you decided to skip Birthdays. I’m facing that decision right now and am on the fence so to speak.

    • Hello Eva. I am impressed you remembered my daughters birthday. I have not sent her a greeting yet but will. Her birthday is next week. At this time I send her two brief notes a year – a holiday greeting and birthday. They are always very short by design. My hope is that some day she will be interested/stronger/open and I want her to always be assured she is welcome no matter how many years of silence there has been. I like to think the brief greetings support this.

      • Thank you for answering my question. I agree with your strategy. My son said “goodbye” in January, but I’m still tempted to send him messages, especially when I’m particularly depressed (not a good idea). He shut down his email and closed his Facebook page although there is still an option to send messages. I admire how you cope – you seem like a very mature, insightful woman who has come to terms with your situation. I’m still a basket case. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to mend my broken heart. Best wishes to you and I hope your daughter will resume contact soon.

        • Oh, I have had my basket case years. I dont know how long you have been in reunion but I am approaching ten years. It changes over time. It is definitely less emotional for me, less charged. I dont like to say I care less for that sounds callous but that is the truth. I am not consumed the way I used to be. I realize the situation is all about her and not me. I am a good person, always was. Adoption did this not me. That does not mean I dont have bad days but they are far less than they used to be. Hugs to you on Mother’s Day. Hang in there. It is not you.

          • My reunion would have been two years this Saturday. I’ve read through your blog and have seen you evolve into who you are today. There was a lot of angst along the way and you worked through it. Perhaps time will soften the blow for me. I’m almost 70 and feel that I don’t have all the time in the world left, and can only hope that my son will once again reach out to me. I’ve always wanted the best for him – if cutting me out of his life is what he wants then so be it. I love this quote from a Nicholas Sparks book. “Love means caring for another person’s happiness more than your own. No matter how painful the choices you face might be”. I try to live by this. Thank you for sharing your story – I feel much better after reading your advice.
            Affectionately, Eva

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