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12801632_10153940329805482_4964420836487733328_nWednesday of this week I will be travelling to Denver, CO to attend the American Adoption Congress. I, along with three others, will be speaking on Friday at our session titled  Mitigating and Managing Collateral Damage : Impact of Adoption on the 1st Family

My highly qualified panel participants include:

Susie from Finding Christopher, Finding Myself – Denise, reunited mother and author of Second Chance Mother, was originally slated to join us but had to back out a week or so ago for personal reasons. I knew Susie was attending the conference. I also knew she shares a similar experience and outlook on adoption and the impact to first families. I asked her to join us and she was kind enough to agree! Check out her blog if you are not familiar with her or her story and of course, stop by to meet her on Friday.

Kathy Aderhold – Reunited mother, long time adoption activist and midwife, Kathy will speak to all our topics but has a passion (if that is the correct word) and knowledge for PTSD following adoption surrender. Look forward to her sharing her experience and ways we can mitigate and manage similar for future expectant and vulnerable mothers.

Rich Kish – Husband to a first mother (that first mother being me!). My husband was kind enough to agree to join us and share his perpective as someone married to a woman traumatized by adoption surrender and a (non)reunion. I believe my husband has a voice that we do not usually hear from in adoption circles – true collateral damage. He will share how his view of adoption changed up meeting and marrying me, how he handled conversations with his mother and his sons as they related to my experience and how my search and reunion support of others has impacted our marriage.

Should be a great session all around. Even if it is not, I believe, firmly, the most important thing we are doing is keeping the first mother voice present. Susie was worried she might cry, might not be able to speak. I told her that would be perfectly okay if that happened as the most valuable contribution she is making is being right there, present, showing her very real human form. She, like Kathy and I, make mysterious, usually forgotten and overlooked mothers, visible.

Our session is Friday, April 1st at 2:00 PM. Session is (401) Mitigating and Managing Collateral Damage : Impact of Adoption on the 1st Family. Attached photo is of me and my husband. Please introduce yourself. Look forward to seeing you.

2 Thoughts.

  1. Wondering if I might also shed some tears.
    Was doing a ‘mental walk through’ in my head today about our presentation and found myself becoming choked up.
    Nothing wrong however with showing emotion and shedding a few tears.

  2. Tears are healing. This session is going to be incredible. I wish I were attending. Sending you all wonderful vibes, love and light as you create this crucial conversation. XO

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