AAC 2015 Redux

A list of observations from my attendance at the Saturday session of the American Adoption Congress. I attended three sessions: Clauds session on SEO, Lost Daughters panel and PTSD and Birthmothers. I also attended the keynote by the Cooper Lewters. I have much to say on each one yet full thoughts are still percolating. This is common for me after attending a conference of any length. There is a hangover period.

I did however make a list of notes during my sessions. They are interesting on their own. Listed in the order the occurred.

  1. I miss my activism peeps and activism.
  2. I do not miss my activism peeps and activism.
  3. Claud did a fantastic job at her session. While most of it was known to me since I do such things professionally, I was very impressed with the volume of material covered as well as the simplified delivery. I want to believe it was useful for newbies.
  4. Claud has inspired me to clean up my blog a bit. I rarely worried about SEO or rankings but her points are so valid and my blog has been so well received. I should take the time. (Where will I find the time?)
  5. So awesome to see Max and Claud together. He is so handsome and such a nice young man. (Yes, I am bit envious)
  6. What is the real reason I have been dormant for a while? Is there only one reason?
  7. So nice to meet Trace Hentz. I wish we had been able to talk more.
  8. Lost Daughters panel was great.   While all were great, I really liked Angela Tucker and Rosita Gonzalez. I must make a point of watching Angela’s documentary when I return home. So very pleased to see more black adoptees surfacing at these events. I must be sure to share the names and blogs with my friend Carol.
  9. Triggers? Ha. This session is triggering. Yes, know your triggers but also accept that you do not know them all and they can pop up at any time.
  10. I would like to see a future conference session on how adoption surrender affects mothers future romantic relationships. I would also like to see one on collateral damage. My husband(s) were collateral damage to my adoption trauma.   My subsequent children are to. No one thinks of this group. They need a voice as well.
  11. Rev. Dr. Nicholas Cooper Lewter is incredible. What a great speaker.
  12. I feel sick. I realize I was sick last night (thank you food poisoning) but at this point in the day I am kinda done. I want to hide under a table. I know I have been anti-social but truth is I am in a weird head space right now. Combo of physio and psycho reasons.
  13. Is it seriously snowing again?
  14. The reception on Saturday night was a great event. When you typically see certain people under emotional circumstances, it is refreshing to just hang out with them, drink and dance. The food was spectacular, the DJ even better and WOW can Amanda (Declassified Adoptee) dance. She has so much energy! Also, seriously rad tattoo on her arm/shoulder. She was not what I expected. Amazing how these conferences further “humanize” our online friends. I had a certain image of Amanda based on her blog and online voice. I was correct yet I was also very wrong
  15. Good morning Charles River.


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  1. Great notes – thanks so much for taking the time to share – I enjoyed reading every one of them! Now I wish that I had been able to join you – maybe some day.

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