Activist & Reunited

“Mom, what is an activist?” asks my twelve year old son.

I roll over on the couch I am lazing on as I binge watch Netflix.


I am not sure I heard him due to the rustling of my covers and pillows. Without turning to look at him, I ask him to repeat the question.

“What is an act-tuh-vist?” he responds with a slightly impatient tone of voice.

“Oh, it is someone who is working towards changing or supporting a cause. Maybe they want to change a law; maybe they want to change the perception of something. It is like someone who wants something to change so they work hard to make it change”.

“Oh…what is a reunited mother?”

At this question I turn and face him. He is holding my personal card in his hand and looking at it in confusion. I take a deep breath and pause for a second.

“Well, you know about your sister, right? How she was surrendered to adoption?”

“Um, yeah, sort of…”

“Well, since I found her, I am considered a reunited mother…sort of…“

“Huh. I don’t get it. You have told me about this a few times and it still doesn’t quite make sense to me.”

He puts the card back on my desk and leaves the room.

I have been living it for nearly 28 years my son. It doesn’t quite make sense to me either.