Letters for Them

“Letters for Them is an open invitation for all adoptees to write and submit letters to birth parent(s), natural parent(s), birth/natural families, [preferred term]. The idea is that this be a pseudo-location to send these otherwise unsendable letters.” – Letters for Them

Have you heard of the above site?  Go check it out and let me know your thoughts.

I have mixed feelings on it.  As one of the “them”, I dislike the title.  Sad we are the other, the them, the her, the him, the it.  That being said, I can see some value for adoptees to have a space to share these letters to “them” and do feel there is much to be gained in the public understanding adoptee feelings about “them”.

The site is a project of an adoptee studying at RISD.  Read more about her here or visit the letters page.

Adoption Museum

Remember this old post about adoption trauma and art?  I do.  I thought of it again today when I read a Facebook invite to an event in California. Sadly I am on the wrong coast.

Others had the same dreams as I and they are making it a reality. Check out their Facebook page. Here is a teaser from their page for you.

The Adoption Museum Project is creating the first museum to explore the story of adoption.
The Adoption Museum Project creates social change by exploring the story of adoption in museum space — a safe, honoring, empowering and public environment — through all forms of human expression.