Letters for Them

“Letters for Them is an open invitation for all adoptees to write and submit letters to birth parent(s), natural parent(s), birth/natural families, [preferred term]. The idea is that this be a pseudo-location to send these otherwise unsendable letters.” – Letters for Them

Have you heard of the above site?  Go check it out and let me know your thoughts.

I have mixed feelings on it.  As one of the “them”, I dislike the title.  Sad we are the other, the them, the her, the him, the it.  That being said, I can see some value for adoptees to have a space to share these letters to “them” and do feel there is much to be gained in the public understanding adoptee feelings about “them”.

The site is a project of an adoptee studying at RISD.  Read more about her here or visit the letters page.