Sword Falling

I must fall on my blogging/site owner sword and admit that the ehbabes.com site has been in a state of shameful disrepair for a few weeks. I moved hosts and platforms and have yet to resurrect the content. (I have it all). Please don’t go visit. It is embarrassingly ugly.

Between my dads illness, then funeral, my own schooling, my sons schooling, work, and general life activities it has been pushed down the priority list.  Please forgive me for, well, having a life outside of adoption.

Note that I have all information saved locally and that includes the registry. 

While we are under construction, I encourage you to visit the ehbabes.com page on facebook if you have info or registry postings to share.

Mea culpa.

1 Thought.

  1. My guess is that ehbabes in a state of disrepair is in better shape than most best efforts 🙂

    I hope you’re taking it easy these days. You have had so much on your plate. Sending relaxing thoughts


    Those are laid back brainwaves.

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