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So you may have noticed I redecorated a bit. I like it (for now, heh, I change my hair color so frequently I cannot assume my blog is exempt from same).  You may be a bit confused on layout and where to comment so consider this a bit of a primer:

Left rail – Popular tab is for popular posts of all time.  Recent is for most recent posts. Comments is for well, comments, and Tags tab allows you to read posts via category. I also posted the tattoo Chicago skyline photo there. Oddly, it doesn’t show for me under Firefox but it does under Chrome and IE. Hopefully you see it. Thank you for all the compliments on the photo and suggestions to use. It is one of my favorites.

Main body – I am displaying only one or two posts on the main page.  For more, go into the Archives (top nave bar) or use the tabs at the left.

To Comment – Click into the post (via the title) or into the comments via the top sub-title (By suz….comments).

The Photos/Artwork – I am going to feature a photo or piece of art in each post that is by an adoption separated person. If you would like me to feature any of yours, let me know. The two most recent posts showed the hospital my daughter was born and left in (words used intentionally) and a photo composite by my friend Joanna. That is actually her and her tattoo in the post. I have a few more of hers that I intend to feature (She did an entire series as part of her college graduation project from Philly Institute of Art. They are very powerful).

I welcome additions, corrections, questions if you have them as you navigate around.  Oh, and writing prompts are also always welcome!

Tally ho!

photo credit: Joanna Fisher

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