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We interrupt all this gay chatter to let you know about several cool ways you can read or subscribe to this blog. Since our platform change, we have received expressions of concern, confusion, frustration over our feeds.

(Okay, there is no WE, its just me but it sounded all fancy and what not).

Subscribe Via Email:
See that little box over on the right that says “Subscribe Via Email”? If you enter your email in there you will be directed to my feedburner email subscription window. Enter your personal email, click the subscribe button, and you will see the confirmation window. Enter the captcha verification code as requested and click “Complete Subscription Request”. Feedburner will send you a confirmation email asking you to confirm your subscription (be sure to check your spam). Click the link provided in the email and you will be confirmed.  Once you do, you will receive my posts via email every morning around 9 am.

Subscribe via GoogleReader or any other feed reader:
By using a tool like Google Reader you can read all your favorite blogs in one place and not have to click all around.  To do so, you need to have/join a reader and then you paste my feed into your reader.  See that little tab to the left of the screen that says Follow? If you click the orange icon you will be taken to my feed page. You can paste that URL into you reader or better yet, use the Subscribe to this feed using.. option at the top left. If you use the pull down, you will see it pre-populates with several popular readers.  Just select yours and off you go.

Follow me on Twitter:
All posts from this blog are automatically fed to my twitter feed.  Follow me on twitter at

And finally, the old school way is to paste in your browser whenever you want to visit here!


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    • Denise – Yay! I noticed you were unverified in feedburner (which means you were sent the confirmation link but for some reason your confirm did not come through. I am guessing you figured it out!)

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