Must Read: Girl, Ruined [trigger warning]

Hat tip to my friend Denise for this link. Denise has offered to email entire article to interested parties.

Trigger warming applies. I got a few paras in and had to stop. I will be asking Denise for the full article.

Girl, Ruined

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  1. Suz, it’s a hard read indeed. But the most amazing recount of our experience I have ever seen. Triggers and all, I couldn’t stop. Don’t have it ready to email. But will snail mail to interested parties.

    • Denise – If you want to mail it to me snail maile, i would be happy to scan for others. I think you have my mailing address? If not, let me know.

      • I don’t know if you got it yet but I live near The Sun and could pop over and get it for you worst case.

  2. It is hard to read, but I am so very glad that it’s out there. Would love a full copy.

  3. Incredible article. I would love to have the entire sent to me. Let me know where to send my contact info.

    Thank you to both you and Denise for sharing this.

  4. yes, i’d like to read the whole article, also. It’s beautifully written. I guess each of us can relate to these stories, so familiar, and unique at once. I remember so much of my time away, like still snapshots, the labor and delivery are burned in my mind, I do wish I’d had a psychiatrist or anyone who could/ or would talk with me about my experience and what I was feeling- I was too consumed with fear and grief to talk of anything, and no help was ever offered. This story is reminding me of Meredith Hall’s “Without a Map’ in it’s ability to vividly describe ‘our story’. Thank you for posting.

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