Yes, LinkedIn, I know her.

Received an update from LinkedIn last night. A person in North Carolina named Lauren, a stranger to me, wanted to connect. I was befuddled and clicked over to LinkedIn this a.m. to check the person out. It is not uncommon for online adoption friends to connect with me professionally. Maybe she was an adoption person? A blog reader?

Imagine my surprise when after determining I have no idea who she is, I see a name I do know in the “People You May Know” box on the top right.

The person LinkedIn thinks I may know? 

My case worker from Easter House. You know, the one that has ignored my requests for information, for 26 years? The one who refused to give me any information when I was being stalked by a person claiming to be my daughter (but wasn’t). The one who strangers felt the need to counsel me on dealing with? Yeah. Her.

Not sure it is the exact person so I  clicked on her profile and saw where she is allegedly working now. The history of the organization states it was founded as an ” “in-between” home for trouble girls where they would be guided into a happy and purposeful life”. That sounds like her as the last time we spoke she was working in Florida for an alternative high school for teen moms.

I did write her, again at the email on Linkedin. It might not be her. But hey, the more you throw at the wall the more likely something is to stick, right?

I doubt she will answer me if it is her. If it is not her, the person will probably tell me so.

I still crave answers, explanation, and most importantly, I want my letters. She said I wrote her letters following surrender and she kept them.  She said they made her sad but she kept them. Well, I want them. At least copies of them. They feel important to me. I need to see them.



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