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I am often asked for blog reading recommendations. As a general rule, I do not provide them. My reasons for this vary greatly and span from not wanting you to recommend one blog author over another to my belief that what appeals to me might not appeal to you. This  is now ironic to me for the point of this post is to ask you for recommendations.

Two years ago I cut my blog reading down to literally a handful of adoption blogs. A few are  authored by adoptive moms, a few by adoptees but most are by mothers like me. I would like to add a few more.

If you read here and blog, please consider sharing your URL. If you have a favorite blog, feel free to share that as well. My feed reader (still Curata and it seems to be improving in its up time) is light.

I would love some recommends on adoption, writing, fashion, parenting, or other. You decide.

Christians & Dissenting Opinions in Adoption

Hat tip to Desiree Smolin for this link.

Journal of Christian Legal Thought

From the editor, Michael P. Schutt:

This issue of the Journal is a bit of a dissenting opinion, but I believe that it will be helpful and illuminating, regardless of which side one takes on the issues discussed. Our guest editor is Professor David Smolin, Harwell G. Davis Professor of Constitutional Law and Director of the Center for Biotechnology, Law and Ethics at Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law. Professor Smolin, who invited the authors and developed the topic for this issue, also contributes the keystone essay. His purpose is to “demonstrate that the scriptural and theological analysis undergirding the evangelical adoption and orphan care movement is seriously erroneous.” “These errors,” he says, “produce practices that are sinful and exploitative.” Put simply, this is not the majority view among evangelicals today

Articles/Authors include:
  1. David Smolin’s Biblical & general critique of the contemporary Christian Orphan Care Movement;
  2. Two responses to David’s critique by leaders of that movement Jedd Medefind Dan Cruver;
  3. JaeRan Kim, a transracial, international adult adoptee’s, thoughts on “color-blind Christianity” as someone who grew up as a transracial, international adoptee in a white church;
  4. Reverend Mark Diebel, a transracial, international adult adoptee, writing on truthfulness and human nature in regard to both adoption and donor conception;
  5. Noted adoption historian E. Wayne Carp on a little known Christian figure, Jean Patton, who fought against the tide of the Baby Scoop era to apply the historic understanding of how to help unwed mothers and their children by keeping them together and respecting them; and
  6.  “A Mother’s Story” a heart-wrenching true-life modern narrative by an unwed mother whose baby was taken from her through the efforts a church entirely too taken with the idea of adoption.
View and download the entire issue at the link above.

Thank You for Playing Along: New Logo

Thank you to all who gave suggestions on my blog banner/logo/branding. I am going to award  one book to two separate winners. I will release their names after I have told them and they agree to allow me to do so. I am also eternally grateful to Laurel for clarifying her comment and assuring me that I do not remind her of pastels, bunnies, flowers and unicorns. The very idea makes me shudder.

In the meantime, I will offer that the books I am sending to my winners are as follows:

  1. Second-Chance Mother by Denise Roessle; and
  2. Becoming Patrick: A Memoir by Patrick McMahon

I read Becoming Patrick : A Memoir yesterday and will review it in my next post.

Thank you to all who participated and offered up their suggestions.  It is going to be a few weeks before I roll out a new design as it is my desire to combine a few sites of mine into one style sheet. Quite a bit of testing and content consolidation is required to complete this task.