Thank You for Playing Along: New Logo

Thank you to all who gave suggestions on my blog banner/logo/branding. I am going to award  one book to two separate winners. I will release their names after I have told them and they agree to allow me to do so. I am also eternally grateful to Laurel for clarifying her comment and assuring me that I do not remind her of pastels, bunnies, flowers and unicorns. The very idea makes me shudder.

In the meantime, I will offer that the books I am sending to my winners are as follows:

  1. Second-Chance Mother by Denise Roessle; and
  2. Becoming Patrick: A Memoir by Patrick McMahon

I read Becoming Patrick : A Memoir yesterday and will review it in my next post.

Thank you to all who participated and offered up their suggestions.  It is going to be a few weeks before I roll out a new design as it is my desire to combine a few sites of mine into one style sheet. Quite a bit of testing and content consolidation is required to complete this task.