Giveaway: Design/Suggest a Logo or Banner Design

I need a logo or banner design for this blog. 

Certain individuals (you shall remain nameless..LOL) have honored me with pinning this blog on Pinterest. Embarrassingly, MY FACE is what shows up as the image.  I need a cool banner like Claud or Susie or at least a logo like my site.

I am kinda stumped as to what images I should use, logo, colors,  etc. I put the challenge out to my readers and offer a free give away for the best design or design suggestion!

What images, colors, words come to your mind when you think of my blog?

It is okay if it is dark or upsetting or non flattering. It may be what my adoption brand is to you and others.

So, go ahead, make some suggestions in comments below – or design me a piece! You can email me at bluestokkking at gmail dot com.

In exchange for the best suggestion or design, I will award the winner with two adoption themed books (titles forthcoming) and ship them! Yay free stuff!

P.S. If you are on Pinterest and want to look into my non adoption themed life aspects, follow me.  I post lots of crazy hair colors and jewelry!

20 Thoughts.

    • LOL. Well, thanks, but it feels so narcissistic to me. I wonder if a banner or image would be a better representation of this blog (as opposed to me?). I like my face here as it makes me real and credible and puts face (human face) with a name and experience but beyond here? Hmm…

  1. I don’t think it’s narcissistic. Your picture gives it a human touch, let’s people know you are a real person. Plus it shows you are out of that awful Birth Mother closet.

    You could somehow integrate your picture with your banner??? The picture of mine was taken the summer before I had Ashley. If I had a picture of Ashley and I when she was born I would have used that picture instead.

  2. Hey Suz ~ thanks for the shout-out on my blog! I can’t take too much credit for it, I got it from a free blog design website ~

    For the banner, I used to add the text to the header photo.

    For your banner ~ I think it needs to be something sassy and vibrant! If you don’t use your photo, you need to use the color of your hair as one of the colors in it. Maybe I will have to play around and see what I can come up with for ya!

  3. I like Susie’s too. I agree with her about vibrant colors for your blog. There are lots of templates to choose from and its doesn’t have to be complex to look good. I also agree with IMF that it’s not narcissistic to include your photo, that it makes it more personal.

    Wish I had time to come up with more than just brief advice.

  4. Something pink..all different shades. Maybe pastels. Yellow and pink pastels. With flowers and birds. Oh…and bunnies. Y’know…something that SCREAMS you.

  5. I think it definitely needs to have a great red color in it, and I like the maze symbol you have tattooed on your back.

  6. i would never associate pastels or pinks or yellows with Suz. i think more of vibrant jewel tones. deep ruby reds and amethyst and emerald. maybe with some black and gold accents.

    • Thanks Didda. I am inclined to agree yet I find it fascinating why (if she was serious) Laurel might think pastels and bunnies and flowers. So, so not me. (I dont even wear colorful clothing, dont like prints, etc.) but very amused that Laurel gets that impression.

  7. I love looking at your face! However, I can relate to not wanting your face for your banner. No offense but when you’re blogging, how often to you look like this woman of glee and joy and happiness? I’m sorry, but for me, the huge grin doesn’t ring true. What about a black and white shot of you that shows you looking towards something. The back of your head, which is still you, allows your fans/readers to imagine your face/expression changing with the full range of emotions that your blog involves. (I hope I’m making sense.) It would be the perfect chance to share the tattoo that mama2roo mentioned. Just my 2 cents…

  8. I’m loving the color of your hair idea!! Susie is right, your banner needs to be sassy and vibrant!!

    Something where it is a drawing of you with your hair flowing out in curls to create your banner. Your tattoo should be integrated as well…it is you.

  9. Isn’t that funny, the first thing that came to my mind was pastel colors. But I think its because of your work with EASTER house. Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s what sparked the mental image.

    From what I know of you , I’m gonna say no pastels!

    I also like the jeweled color ideas, darker reds, darker purples, plum, wine, ecc.

  10. Oh my goodness! I didn’t check back here because I thought I subscribed to the follow up comments…but didn’t get any, so I assumed no one had commented further.

    To be perfectly clear – I was TOTALLY kidding, my Suz! Pastels, birds and bunnies are the LAST thing that would make me think of you. lol!

    Some words that come to mind when thinking of you are: funky, risky, honest, compassionate, edgy, brilliant, classy, non-judgemental…etc.

    • whewf. thank you laurel. had me concerned that the fat girl was a pastely bunnie liking unicorn type. LOL. so not me. not ever me. I am dark colors, dark objects, goth wannabe most of my life (and was until I got a corporate job that had little tolerance for my look). i feel better. : )

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