Let’s Talk Collateral Damage : Spouses/SO’s

Continuing from the previous thread on Collateral Damage and the impact to first family, today I want to chat about spouses and significant others.


Some thoughts and questions for consideration:

Forming Relationships – How has surrendering your child(ren) to adoption impacted (or not) your ability form healthy marital or loving relationships?

Honesty in Relationships – Have you told your spouse or partner about your spouse or partner about your child? If so, did you tell them early in your relatinoships or later? How did you go about telling them? What was their response?

Pre Surrender Counseling – Were you counseled pre-birth about the possible impact surrender would have on your future romantic relationships? Were you told to keep your experience a secret?

Extended Family – How does your spouse/partner feel about your experience? Do they share with their friends or family or is it a secret kept between the two of you?

Other – Anything else you wish to share about your marriage/partnershps and how adoption and/or reunion may have impacted it?

Thank you for your consideration.

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