Got Blog?

I am often asked for blog reading recommendations. As a general rule, I do not provide them. My reasons for this vary greatly and span from not wanting you to recommend one blog author over another to my belief that what appeals to me might not appeal to you. This  is now ironic to me for the point of this post is to ask you for recommendations.

Two years ago I cut my blog reading down to literally a handful of adoption blogs. A few are  authored by adoptive moms, a few by adoptees but most are by mothers like me. I would like to add a few more.

If you read here and blog, please consider sharing your URL. If you have a favorite blog, feel free to share that as well. My feed reader (still Curata and it seems to be improving in its up time) is light.

I would love some recommends on adoption, writing, fashion, parenting, or other. You decide.

2 Thoughts.

  1. I have been posting less lately, while dealing with some pressing issues. I used to only post about adoption, then a lot of political stuff, but now I’m all over the map. Hoping to focus more now… my new main focus is adoption reunion, grandparenting, and writing, especially memoir.

  2. My favorite non-adoption blog is Paper Castle Press. 🙂

    I’m always stumbling across wonderful adoption blogs. I’m sure you’re familiar, but I just discovered Another Version of Mother.

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