While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see.  ~Dorothea Lange

A few blogs I follow regularly post under a tag of Adoption Free Friday.  I think I am gonna try that approach for a while.  Mama2Roo used to tease me about sharing non-adoption related material on my blog. For me, my blog, this blog is pretty hardcore to its topic – adoption and its effect on  me, my life, my subsequent children and extended family.  As a result, it is easy for one to assume I am a raving nutter grasping for walls and waving a snot rag all the time.

 I am not.  I have a full life with wonderful boys, wonderful fiance, hobbies that include jewelry making, writing, reading, home decor, entertaining, hair color, fashion, and more. But I dont share that here for a number of reasons. Does anyone really CARE what my latest hair color is? What I made for dinner? No offense to those types of mommy blogs but I can’t imagine anyone being interested in that part of my life.  Perhaps I dont know how to write about anything but adoption (hope not). Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps I am too hardcore about keeping this blog true to topic. Perhaps I am once again overthinking.

: )

Regardless, I want to jump on the Adoption Free Friday wagon and will do so by sharing photos of my darling Rich.


Taken at top of Sears Tower Chicago - Spring 2009

June 2009 - Rich Sons Graduation from HS

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  1. So Rich is not only a great guy ~ he’s also great to look at!! It’s great to be able to put faces with your names!

  2. Awwww…what a great looking couple!!!
    You my dear Suz are simply scrumptious & have such a awesome, effervescent smile!!

  3. Yes to adorable you two and yes to not all adoption all the time.

    I think the same thing – that I give the impression of obsessing about it night and day – no, not so. But I want to be the voice of experience if and when some pregnant teen googles the word so I keep going.

  4. You know its nice to know that through the hardship of giving up a child to adoption, our life do not stop. I found a great guy, I have two great kids with him and I’m very happy!! Have you ever thought about writing a book? Just curious. WOW SUZ!!! He is so very handsome, and you have a great smile and beautiful eyes…. You look good together. Hugs <3

    • Cathy – Yes, I have thought about writing a book many times. Even started one. Have taken novel writing classes and more recently have started some research related to actually completeing this task. Keep your fingers and toes crossed. It is a dream I continue to pursue.

      While I fully appreciate what you mean by stating our lives did not stop, I have to disagree a bit. Part of my life very much stopped. The life I was originally intended to lead, the life path I was on, was stopped by my pregnancy. Then the path changed and I was to become a mother, yet not. That also came to a screeching halt. Or did it? Can it? It stopped according to society but never in my heart. I have always been my daughters mother. The challenge has been integrating the life that others dont recognize (but is very real) with the life that others do.

  5. For the record, I am interested in your latest hair color. I’m totally jealous of folks who can change the color of their hair, and love to see the results.

    You guys are simply fabulous together 🙂

    • Margie – LOL. Well, I can tell you it is pretty much always some shade of red. Red with paneling, red with streaks, chunking, front streak (as in my photo top right), etc. My pale skin and green eyes work well with red hair not to mention I all around like it. : )

  6. Suz, I totally understand where your coming from. I agree with having to follow the path God put us on. Sometimes there are detours in our path that it seems we are forced to follow. With every detour in my life, I know one of them will bring me to my son. This I truly believe. So, while I’m living my life, I will always be waiting for the turn to my son. I think about him every day, and I love and miss him. I don’t think that your being a mother came to a screeching halt, I like to think it was put on a short hold. Even though we were not blessed mothering our first child , I’m glad I was given the blessing of mothering my other two. I wish you the best of luck on writing your book. When it is finished, I will be the first in line to buy it!!! Hugs <3

  7. Cathy, you’ll have to settle for second in line, I already ‘claimed’ first in line, : )

  8. Ok.. Thats fine with me…. I’m hoping to be second! You are both blessed having each other. =)

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