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I am curious how this will compare with my 2007 poll. Of course it is not at all scientific, purely for amusement.

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      • You are missing the dual categories.
        Adoptee/Birth Mom etc…
        And I am just teasing. I just remember trying to fill in two the last time too 🙂

        • JM – Ah, yes, that is what I figured you meant. I could have a huge list if I accurately listed all possible roles. That is why I listed other. Was hoping people would explain other in comments (now you have!). Surprisingly (or not), many of my friends/readers here are both adoptees and first moms. Definitely a demographic I should list as I have had moms reach out to me asking to connect with other adopteee/firstmoms.

  1. I wrote myself in as prospective adoptive mother, though on the other hand I’m not sure how many of those you have reading.

    • Elizabeth – you know i think that is wonderful. i get a bit foamy at the mouth when adoption torched individuals take back their power. hugs to you and much love to my home town.

  2. I was referring to agency or policy maker.

    I like the idea of giving up being adopted. I think it would be a good idea if people could just be.

    • UM – I love the idea. I love any action taken by adoptees or mothers that attempt to undo what was done. I love when I hear about mothers adopting back their children, adoptees taking back their original names, or giving up being considered adopted as Liz has done. What a way to take back your power!

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