Searches and Memories

I am working on a new search right now.  Last names “may be” Avenel and/or Streeter. Also may be from upstate Rochester, NY area.

In discussing options, search indices with the adoptee, I was reminded of the first photo of my daughter I saw since I left her at three days old. Have I told this story? It is rather amusing.

My ex-husband (rather tired with my obsession over finding her) took it upon himself one day to drive the 100+ miles to the town she was raised in.  He convinced the janitor of her high school to let him in after hours and allow him to view the yearbooks in the library.  He got in (remember I always knew her last name) and searched her likely year of graduation and found a girl with that last name and according to him (and others) my smile. He made a copy and brought it home. He insisted the picture was of my daughter. At the time, with that photo, I did not see it.  But that photo lead me to another photo online and when I saw that photo I fell off my chair at work and nearly passed out.

The memory of him doing that, arriving at home all pleased with himself, made me smile.  It may seem amazing that he was able to convince the janitor but you would have to know my ex husband. He has this was of being very charming and yet intimidating and authoritative. He once walked right into a State Police Barracks and was able to purchased issue only items without ever being asked for an ID.

So, yes, while the internet, google, online sites are most fruitful these days when it comes to searches, I urge all searching not to rule out the old school ways.  Sometimes visiting a school, library, etc. and searching can be just as good – if not better.