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"The Common Blog Troll is a recently discovered species, most likely evolved from the Common Usenet Troll or perhaps its close cousin, the Common Forum Troll. Its primary source of nourishment is a response to its excrement, which is left in the form of a comment on any weblog which allows comments. Its best not to feed the troll, otherwise it might make itself at home and litter said blog with ever growing piles of excrement."

Kicking someone when they are down is an idiom used to refer to the practice of making things worse for someone when they are going through a difficult time. Another way to say it is to add insult to injury.

Well, I had a blogroach stop by for a drive by comment shooting on this post. Don't worry, I deleted the roaches comments as I just don't tolerate that crap. Perhaps said roach thought I might be lax in reading or reviewing comment due to my illness. That is not the case. I am indeed able to and regularly do read and monitor comments. I can even do so from my iPhone 24 x 7.

However, one thing the roach did question that I do want to answer is my personal position on helping mothers.  Blogroach was apparently questioning my own ethics in such a way to suggest that I dare challenge the sacred cash cow of adoption but I do little to help mothers in need.

This is, was, and always will be false.

Not that I need to toot my own horn but I have helped several expectant mothers in the past and I would do so again. I would even go so far as to house one (or more) for any period of time.

Babies belong with their mothers not with strangers. Mothers, unwed, poor, uneducated, should be supported in every way possible to keep and raise their children.

My beliefs stand firm. I believe children belong with their natural mothers. I believe separating mother and child does harm to mothers and children and adoption should be a LAST RESORT only. Should adoption have to occur all original ties to the family of origin should remain intact. There should be no changed birth certificates, names, lies, deceit or shame. I believe adoption in many many cases is a permanent damaging solution to a temporary challenging situation.

I do not believe that  the answer to an unplanned pregnancy is to take the child and feed the child to hungry infertile parents who cannot have their own child. That is the lazy profiteers way out of the situation. Adoption should be about finding homes for children truly in need, those children with no family or safe stable environment to live in. It should never be about finding a baby for an infertile couple in need.

Do I believe the problems with adoption  can be corrected over night? Not at all.

Do I believe that my beliefs hold true to every situation? Again, no.

Again, there are times when children do need to be cared for by another — as a last resort — when all other options have been considered.

I also believe in baby steps and small wins.  Save one mother and one child from the trauma of adoption and you save generations.

So yes, Mrs. Blogroach, I do practice what I preach.

If you know of a mother in need, feel free to give them my name.

5 Thoughts.

  1. It’s always amazing to me how people assume you are not doing something just because you don’t talk about it. So annoying!!
    Bravo to you, Suz, for being a leader for all individuals involved in the adoption triad. You really are an inspiration to me, and your heart is golden!!

  2. Practice what you preach? I don’t know anyone who practices what they preach more than you do. I know how much you have done, I know how much more you want to do, and I know that through you, and our other friends we have done, and will do many more great and wonderful things! (wow run on much? lol) Don’t let the trolls and roaches get to you, we know what they are really all about don’t we?
    love ya lady,

  3. You have expressed with eloquence a postition I am sure is shared by many adoptees and first mothers alike.

  4. To Suz my friend.
    You have been a great help to me just by your writings and by willing to put yourself out there to all. To be so open about the horrors of adoption and the harm it does to mothers and our children lost to adoption is in itself an education. If one thinks this is not practicing what you peach, I for one, do not know what is.
    Hugs my cyber friend.

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