You don't develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.” – Epicurus

I am feeling a bit better. Let’s hope it continues and it is not one of those tricks versus treats for today.

It is a fabulous Friday. The weather, while chilly, is glorious in New England. I get to spend the evening with Iron Man and Jason (aka known as my youngest and oldest son respectively) trick or treating with their father and then have dinner with them. I am going to pass on the opportunity to party in New Haven with my sister and her “twenty something” crowd. My belief is that a night of drinking and partying with my sister and her crew would set my respiratory recovery back a bit.

I therefore look forward to walking in crunchy fall leaves with my small men and their father as they beg for sugar to rot their teeth. Life is good.

News on the professional front is not so good.  For those that know where I work, you may have seen that our stock price has tumbled yet again in response to our earnings statement released a few days ago. Rumors of a buyout are running wild. Layoffs are in process. My own mother called me this morning in response to a news report she had heard regarding my company.  If my own mother is reacting to market financial reports, you know its big bad news in these parts.

I don’t know what will happen. Am I concerned? Sure. A tad bit. But not overly so. I cannot control it. I did not cause it. If I get laid off, I will manage. I always do. A layoff would not be due to my skills or ability but due to a wretched financial crisis unseen in the US for many years. It is not me. 

I have friends. I have family.  I spoke with my ex husband yesterday and we agreed that if one of us lost our jobs we could move in with the other in a pinch. The beauty of a very amicable divorce is that it affords such luxuries as emergency housing.

I will survive.

I always do.

The thing about losing your child to adoption is that nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares to that kind of loss. I have survived losing my first born child. I have survived divorce. I can survive losing my job.

I will be just fine.

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  1. Oh man Suz. Although you’ll be fine, I hope it doesn’t come to that. Have fun tonight!

  2. i second that suz, hoping it will not happen to you. i was laid off one week ago and you’re right about nothing comparing to the loss of your child because though i had a lot of anxiety the first few days i finally settled into the knowing all will be well…nothing compares to the greatest loss of my life. losing this job, though scary, just doesn’t seem like that big of deal. i’ll be fine and you will be fine:)

  3. Even when the world is crashing around us, or threatening to, we have to take time for lighter moments — smelling roses or walking through fall leaves. More like ESPECIALLY then. I hope Halloween with the boys brought you big smiles and shared candy! And I’ll hold a good thought re: your job. You are so awesome, they’d be crazy to let you go, IMHO. (((HUGS)))

  4. i hear you on that point. im already a low income single mom so i figure it cant get much worse. and if it does, like you said i’ll manage. dealing with and overcoming adversity gives you a sense that no matter what – it’s going to be okay. hope your recovery continues to go well :o)

  5. Hi Dear one 🙂 I will be thinking positive thoughts and sending them your way. You have my love and anything else you need from me!

  6. Hi suz,
    I am not sure what company you work for but I think we are all feeling a little uneasy. I decided that I won’t worry and if worse comes to worse, I’ll cash in the 401K and the pension. I could live on that for a year or two…maybe.

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