Adoptee Stories, Rights and Other Musings recently featured a story submission from a 1987 Illinois born Easter House adoptee titled “Supply and Demand“. I encourage reading it. One particular line will likely make you gasp. It did  me. Read the article on

Claude has a post out that contains a video of the recent Adoptee Rights Demonstration in San Antonio.  I recommend viewing. Do so now!

I understand the 2012 Adoptee Rights Demonstration is in Chicago. Of course, I MUST go to that one being that my daughter was born in that city and well, it is the city of my heart.  I am attempting to find out the exact date. Does anyone have it yet? Perused a few blogs and all it says is 2012 in Chicago.  Please share if you know.

Denise has informed me that she will mail me the full article that I referenced in this recent post. If you are interested in me emailing you a pdf version of it once it gets to my snail mail box and is scanned and pdf”d by me, leave a comment, send me an email or use my contact form to let me know.  Be sure to share the email addy you want it sent to.


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  1. Hey Suz,

    The legislature conference for 2012 is scheduled for August 6th thru 9th so the demonstration dates would be right around then too.

  2. WOW, how cool would that be, dunno if that’s karma, pure happenstance or whatevah but VERY COOL celebrating our one year anniversary in my lady’s hometown!!!!

  3. You know what, I think the Adoptee Rights demonstration in Chicago next August might be the perfect time to meet some of my online friends. OMG, I’m already so excited!

  4. I’ll be planning to go to the Chicago one – I lived there in the late 70’s!

    And I would love for you to send me a pdf copy of Denise’s article when you receive it to

  5. Well, I’m already here in Chicago and have set the date aside. I am so looking forward to visiting with my online friends. I’d be happy to host a backyard barbecue at my place!

  6. I’m getting excited about this too. It would be wonderful to meet all of you face to face. And I love Chicago.

  7. I should add I did read the article. What a brave young woman. And though it is all very upsetting for her it does make me glad that the real story is out there for people to find.

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