Grace, Frankie & Adoption

Have you watched Grace and Frankie? Despite the conflicting reviews, poor rating by Rotten Tomatoes, I am gonna say I like it. The cast is stellar and the writing amuses me.  I am most drawn to Lily Tomlin character for her quirky style and attitude towards life.

Kudos to Netflix for tackling adoption search dialogue with some degree of respect. I cannot say I was entirely surprised (though for a few episodes I assumed Lily’s African American son was a result of some hippie fling in her youth). The scene between the adopted siblings was done well, at least in my non adoptee opinion.

I do not know if Grace and Frankie will have a second season. If they do I hope Netflix will develop that story line. It seems like a hanging thread I want to pick at. I hope they continue to deal with the topic fairly and honestly and do not fall prey to the dominant narrative (pro adoptive parent). It was interesting that the sibling that does not want to search cited how doing so would hurt the woman that raised them. Equal interest in later episodes when Lily is amazed with birth and Jane (Grace) makes a rude comment about Lily/Frankie fertility.

These are only small scenes/threads in the series but again I hope Netflix goes further with it — and they do so with honesty and balance.

You can watch Grace and Frankie online at Netflix.


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  1. Guess I didn’t look at the ratings to see that they were poor. I think this show is excellent, tackles all kinds of sensitive issues and the acting is great. I’m glad to see Grace loosening up and becoming more authentic as a character and hoping that if there is a Season 2, that it fleshes out the adoption search story line.

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