On Writing

Writing is the process one follows to learn what is already known within. It sharpens the spirit, disciplines the mind and leads to solutions. In the spaces between words & solitude, observe what happens when words and silence meet.

Words matter.

Pay attention.

Write to learn what you know.

 – Mary Ann Radmacher

Agreeing with Adrienne Rich

The latest book feeding my voracious reading appetite is Linda Joy Meyers Don’t Call Me Mother: A Daughter’s Journey from Abandonment to Forgiveness. The title intrigued me, I follow National Association of Memoir Writers (and therein discovered Meyers) and frankly I needed another book to read.

The eBook opens up with:

The loss of the daughter to the mother, the mother to the daughter, is the essential female tragedy. – Adrienne Rich.

Made me laugh out loud.

No shit.

BOTB: Top Ten

Thank you to all who defined their Best of the Blog for me. I appreciate your taking time to share your thoughts and dig through my archives. I even surprised myself when I started poking around in the back of my blog closet. I have been blogging for many years and it is fascinating (and a bit disturbing) to me to see how my thoughts, voice, etc. has changed over the years.

Below is the list of the Top Ten nominated to date.  If you have not read, or want to read again, please click the links below. Be sure to read the comments. Many of them are more useful than the posts.

Feel free to continue to share your other favs as well!

The Nose (2006)
A post explaining my shock at finding myself in the same room as my college  age daughter and my inability to reach out to her to say hello, hug her and hear her voice.

Forgive You Father For You Have Sinned (2009)
The text of a letter I wrote, and mailed, to my mothers Catholic parish priest after my mother boasted to me how the priest welcomed females who had lost children to abortion to the altar.  He did not welcome women who had lost them to adoption.

White Flag Realities (2008)
A purely fictional post detailing a conversation between an adoption placement coordinator and Janie, an expectant mother, considering adoption.

Telling Children (2006)
The story of how I told my son, now age 15, then approaching 7, about the existence of his older sister. His childlike questions and my responses are contained therein.

Claimed (2011)
My experience of finally being claimed by a man who loved me after so many before him had failed to.

Just Sit There (2009)
A bit of a rant by me directed at random blog commenters that email and tell me my story is “oh so sad but it doesn’t happen anymore”.

About That Note  (2011)
My painful confession of the fact that when the agency casewrecker threatened me with that promissory note my mother signed, I gave up my daughter for the first time. The second would be three days after her birth.

Paying Debts (2007)
A five-year old post talking about the need to teach surrender mothers how to pay back what they “owe”, questioning if it is even possible.

Care To Play A Game (2008)
A challenge to my blog readers to play an adoption game.

Emma (2008)
Overhearing two adoptive moms discussing their Asian adoption experience.