Hole In My Heart

Author, first mother, Lorraine Dusky, has released her latest book titled Hole In My Heart : memoir and report from the fault lines of adoption on Amazon.

From Amazon:

“HOLE IN MY HEART is the compelling story of a mother separated from her child by adoption in the Sixties and the state-imposed secrecy that keeps them apart. Defying convention, Lorraine Dusky reunites with her daughter in the early Eighties when such reunions were rare, and in the process becomes a staunch advocate for reform of America’s antiquated adoption system. The author gives an inside look on the emotional turmoil following reunion for both mother and daughter. Dusky, with her award-winning journalism background, deftly weaves in crucial psychological research that places her personal heartbreak in a larger context, and illuminates the hard truths that are at the center of every adoption—loss, guilt, abandonment and an incomplete sense of identity. Her daughter, the adoptee with two families, also speaks of the complications and uncertainties that infuse her life.”

I am anxious to read but need to find a way to get it because, like, that Amazon banning thing.

Go get it and check back here and share your thoughts!

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  2. Suz, let me know if you would like me to mail you my copy of the book. E-mail me and I can send it to you.

  3. Never mind, I see I am way behind on your posts and you have already read it. I found the book absolutely gripping.

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