Do you pray?

Do you pray?

I do not.  Despite being raised conservative Roman Catholic, I am not a follower of any organized religion and consider myself agnostic. I believe in higher powers, something greater than myself, but I do not subscribe to the bible I was beat with or any other theology.  And yet, I want to ask those who pray, to pray. Or think good thoughts. Or do a rain dance. Or make a sacrifice. Or whatever you do to wish someone good luck.

I gifted a very dear friend an AncestryDNA kit.  She is an adoptee and first mother and she is very special to me.  For years she has spoken off and on to me about wanting to search but she has very limited information.  We are hoping that DNA testing may help her as it did my other friend.

I want her to find her family almost as much as she does. As I said on my Facebook, even if she finds graves, she will find.  My friend deserves to know her people, to find out where she came from, who she is – fully and not just the part the law recognizes.   All adopted individuals do.

Selfishly, now, for my one friend, I ask — pray.

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