The Giver Series

A week or so ago I decided to pick up the The Giver series of books wrtten by Lois Lowry. I had no advance knowledge of the YA books or the author. Somewhere, likely on Facebook, I stumbled across The Giver movie and read it was about dystopian/utopian society. I find such stories interesting. I purchased the full set.

Imagine my surprise to learn of the child redistribution, birthmothers, supressing sexual desire and emotion, adoption and related themes woven through the first and fourth book.

Have you read? Here are two snippets. The first from The Giver and the second from Son. The opening to Son is pretty powerful and may very well be triggering for some mothers. Consider yourself warned and to approach with caution – despite this being a YA book.

From The Giver by Lois Lowry. No honor in being a birthmother.

From The Giver by Lois Lowry. No honor in being a birthmother.

Opening page to Son by Lois Lowry

Opening page to Son by Lois Lowry.  Click for larger view.

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  1. I read The Giver as a child and was a little bit disturbed but really a lot of it was over my head. We just read all of the books for my book club and I sobbed through the last one. I’m glad I read it though. I don’t think I’ll be able to attend the discussion because I’m not at a point where I can talk about it in real life. I am surprised how often fictional books include adoption related themes but I have never read anything that so pointedly addresses the mother’s pain and suffering. I haven’t watched the movie for fear of melting down. Has anyone seen the movie?

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