DNA Testing

A recently reunited friend needs a DNA test.

Curious if any of my blog readers/adoption friends have a service/kit/etc. to recommend?

Cost is a factor for this individual. Presuming a cheek swab and mailing away to a lab could confirm paternity. Alleged parent has not denied paternity but also has not confirmed. Said “it was possible”.  Friend is hoping a test (which parent has agreed to) will solve the great mystery.

Please feel free to leave a comment or if you prefer send me email at bluestokking at gmail dot com.


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  1. I have several sites I recommend for DNA testing but this one seems to focus on paternal. Let me know if you want others…

    https://www.gtldna.net/predisposition.html?source=google_predisposition&gclid=COiAx5KBrK8CFSkaQgodOBvfmQ GTLDNA is known for their paternal testing and has expanded their product lines to include DNA predisposition testing and look for the genetic markers that may cause you health concerns in the future and the testing costs $285. The website states that a MD or a professional collection agency must extract your DNA- most likely blood is obtained for this procedure.

  2. I used genelex out in the midwest, they were wonderful and there is also gene track in canada. Both of them were very kind from what I’ve been told by others. Certainly genelex was great with me and they did the cheek swab and had different variations and pricing for various tests.

    • Thanks Jean. I think this friend also spoke to you. I passed her several names. Not sure what she is going to do.

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