Brooklyn Readers?

I am contemplating a trip to Brooklyn to complete a personal family related task.  Involves visiting a few locations and taking some photos.  Admittedly, don’t know my way around. Ideally would like to take public transport but afraid that would mean going all the way into the city and then to BK. I could consider driving to some location in BK, parking and making my way around on foot or public transport. I could also consider hiring a car service that might take me around to the various addresses?  Debating my options.  Yes, my mother grew up in Brooklyn and my daughter lives there but for what should be obvious reasons, they are not individual I can consult. So I depend on the kindness of strangers, or semi strangers, in this case, my blog readers.

I believe (perhaps erroneously) one or more of my blog readers lives in Brooklyn.  If my memory is correct, would you consider emailing me so I can I ask you some questions as to how best to get around and perhaps a good place to stay? I might want to spend the night. My primary locations of interest are in the Prospect Park and Park Slope area.

You can email me at bluestokking at gmail dot com.  Thanks!

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  1. Perhaps you can find pictures of what you want on Google Earth and spare yourself a trip to Brooklyn which is a difficult and confusing place to get around to someone who does not know the area. They do have some amazing street views now, if all you want is pictures and know the addresses. My husband grew up in Brooklyn, but I would not go there myself without really good directions and clear idea of the areas that are safe and not so safe. It is not worth the stress of getting lost there, especially while still recovering from surgery.

    • LOL. You make me smile. Its kind of a secret trip/surprise intended to be overnight at least two nights so its not like a one day down and back thing and google earth wont help with the goals (but great thinking!). It is planned for the fall so I should be fine by then. Thanks for the concern though.

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