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If you were to ask an IRL friend or family member what my fashion style is they would for certain say “jewelry addict” or something similar. I am a fan of all things jewelry, preferably silver, Gothic or geometric inspired (a peek at my Pinterest board will illustrate this very well). I curate quite the collection and my friends and family will regularly ask to borrow something from my collection.  I am also called on to style and put together outfits.  I am only too happy to help.

Fashion Icon Iris Apfel

I personally tend to wear mostly black or monochromatic clothing and use the clothes more as a blank dark canvas to feature a great piece of jewelry rather than focus on my own body comfort or appearance. I love expensive and inexpensive pieces, items from artists on Etsy or more mainstream designers like Langoliers NYC (they KNIT chains into jewelry items!) and Pamela Love.  Fall craft fairs bursting with local artisans are my weak spot.  Something unique, handmade, that supports a struggling artist? Give me dat!

My mother jokes that I am my grandmother, always covered in an overabundance of baubles, bangles, and beads.  She says it with a bit of a snide tone to her voice, likely due to my grandmothers penchant for piling on every single piece of jewelry she had (and she preferred pearls and rhinestones and big chunky pieces). My mother did not think it was a good fashion statement. I thought it was fantastic and felt then, and now, my grandmother rocked it out with her jewelry. Seriously, how can you not smile, admire and respect senior women like Iris Apfel? I am for sure going to be THAT type of elderly woman and I am excited at the prospect.

While jewelry is my personal indulgence and artistic endeavor (I make my own as well, currently working with and loving precious metal clay, these were made by me when I was just learning), my life goal is to help as many teen parents, single mothers, as I can, in whatever way I can. As such, for the month of October, I am donating 50% of all sale proceeds from my Chloe + Isabel online boutique to Teen Parent Connection of Illinois. I plan to support a specific charity each month so if you are not liking anything you see this month, come back to my online store next month and perhaps we will have something new for you. (In case you are curious, the remaining 50% will be reinvested in additional product so I can have local shows and make additional donations).

Please consider purchasing a gift for yourself or a loved one.  If you do purchase something and you would like me to put your name on the card I send along with the check to Teen Parent, please put the word CARD in the promo code box when you order. On November 1st, I will share the total donation and a copy of the card and check here on my blog.

To visit my Chloe + Isabel boutique, visit and click Shop Our Jewelry

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  1. I love your sense of style Suz…and am a bit of a jewelry addict myself. Also a big Iris Apfel fan!
    Over the years I’ve owned and appreciated many styles to include precious/semi-precious, handcrafted, etc. but I’m comfy now in the image I feel suits me best. Handcrafted jewelry is certainly my weakness and I now wear lots of sterling with and without stones. I also love glass pieces.

    I hope to purchase something soon from your online boutique but will have to see how that works out. I am currently job-hunting since the assisted living community I did marketing for, was closed by our Corporate management leaving a couple of us on the street. But I will do so asap…and want you to know I love that your donating part of your proceeds to the Teen Parenting Connection… Good on you, sister!

    • Good luck with the job search Carol. As you know, my hubby just experienced similar! Your reference to glass pieces made me think of Bottlehood. Have you seen their pieces? Check out the link below. I NEED one of their pieces.

      Glass Jewelry by Bottlehood

  2. I ordered. You know I’m also a jewelry junkie, so when you pair it with helping moms, I had to order.

    That said, I’m hoping that by ordering, I’ll be alerted to new jewelry and/or specials/sales. I wasn’t aware of Chloe & Isabel’s awesomeness and would like to continue purchasing through you.

    Thanks, Suz — for all you do!

    • Jenna – That is fantastic and I thank you very much. I will definitely alert you to new lines and sales. My intent is to support a specific mom related charity each month. Like you, I love jewelry. I am not going to get rich doing this but I will enjoy myself, help moms and look beautiful. Seems like a perfect combo to me! Keep a look out here on the blog, my twitter feed and other places for more info. Chloe + Isabel

    • Jenna (and others)- .If you are interested in receiving one email a month from me announcing jewelry promotions, charitable donations, party info, ways to style your baubles, bangles and beads, sign up here and your email will be added to the mail distribution list!

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