CT Putative Fathers

My nephew would like to register with State of Connecticut Putative Father’s registry.

He cannot do so unless his ex girlfriend (expectant mother to his firsth child) agrees and signs the registry form as well.

Is there really a problem with random men stepping up to claim babies that are not theirs?

How effective are such registries in protecting father’s rights  if in order for fathers to register for their rights they must get permission from the mother to exercise those rights? Particularly if the relationship is strained.

Now sourcing cost effective (cough) legal aid for my nephew.


5 Thoughts.

    • Exactly the root of my confusion. If they are intended to give fathers rights over a possible adoption, is the mother considering adoption going to grant him those rights?

      Of course not. Something seems wrong with this to me.

      No indication AT ALL the mother is going to do this at this time but still I feel he needs to protect himself. Seems his only route is to engage costly legal resources.

  1. Just wow. Back in the day, few fathers stepped up, i.e., mostly they denied their parenthood. This should be a good thing. Not making it harder for fathers to do so.

  2. That is totally Nucking Futs!!
    There has to be some kind of free legal aid avenue for him to utilize.

    • Minimally, he can hedge his bets and assume she will not place for adoption. Once/if she attempts to get child support from him she has to name him etc. It is very complicated. Bottom line is he cannot do anything at all – without her approval (even DNA test as someone suggested). She has the rights to grant him — or not.

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