Utah Adoptions

My coworker, the about to be an adoptive mother (mentioned here) is soon to take leave (assuming of course, the parents terminate their rights after their child is born in Utah).

This article and accompanying video on Utah adoption agencies and their practices reminded me of her.  No, we have not spoken about the adoption since she told me. I am undecided if I am going to send her a gift after the baby loses her mother and gets my friend as the new legal mommy.

Anywho, the point was to share this article and the video/audio w Iaiith you.  Please take the time to read/listen.  This happens all the time. Easter House flew me to Illinois to take advantage of Illinois adoption law and they were VERY upset with me that my daughters father was aware. They later flew him to IL as well to have him surrender his rights to our daughter before she was even born.

Shocking recordings of Utah adoption agencies

After a Colorado father went through four years of legal battles to get custody of his daughter – who was put up for adoption without his consent – 9NEWS uncovered evidence of a system in Utah where agencies are coaching mothers to deceive fathers out of their parental rights. (read more)