Mentors Needed for Young Moms (NYC)

Received the following from my friend Geneva, Executive Director and Founder of A Young Mother’s Dream.

If you are in Brooklyn/NYC area, perhaps you might consider being a mentor to a young mom? If you cannot mentor, perhaps you can share with any friends and family in the area that might be interested?

Details below (extracted from the email Geneva sent to me).

A Young Mother’s D.R.E.A.M. is currently looking for more mentors. Can you help? Take a look at our recruitment campaign below. Please feel free to forward to your network. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

A Young Mother’s D.R.E.A.M. is a mentoring program for teen mothers ages 16-23. Our primary goal is to help them complete their education, both HS and College. We pair these young mothers with mentors for 1 year and provide empowerment workshops for them during that time. We have just completed our first cycle of mentoring in June. During that time,we were able to empower these moms as well as provide 5 young mothers with financial scholarships to attend college in the Fall.

We are currently recruiting mentors for our 2nd cycle of mentoring. Mentor candidates are women who were young mothers and went on to complete their college education. It is with this model that we hope to provide living examples of women who have “defied the odds” As we are still in the grassroots stage of our organization, mentors assist with additional activities including community building and fundraising.

During this recruitment season, we are actively spreading the word of our organization. We would like to speak to your congregation, organization or group to help them better understand our mission. If you would like to have us visit for a presentation, please contact our Founder and Executive Director, Geneva Farrow

If you know someone who matches the mentoring criteria or would like to volunteer to help us further our mission please contact our Program Director, Nariya Worrell