Ms. Sharp Thanks You and I Thank Her

For most of the day today, in between bouts of real work I was doing for my employer, I have been reading a book by author Tracy Sharp. The title of the book is Dirty Business.

The book is the third in Ms. Sharps Leah Ryan series. The book description contains the following (you will see why it interests me just by reading below):

“Pregnant women are disappearing in the capital region. The mother of Alexia Clemmons, one of the missing women, hires private investigator Leah Ryan and partner Jackson Quick to find her daughter.

The list of suspects include Alexia’s philandering husband, who hardly seems broken up about his pregnant wife’s disappearance, a cult leader who purposely impregnates his female followers whose babies suddenly vanish, and a shady network of adoption agencies whose involvement in a black market baby scheme has ruined many lives. Taking this case leads Jack and Leah into a labyrinth of mystery and murder.

Complicating matters is Leah’s intense sexual attraction to Lucas Novak, the married expert in violence and threat assessment whose expertise they’ve enlisted. Turning to Lucas in search of oblivion leads to a series of risky, addictive encounters between them, endangering Leah emotionally and physically as her focus on the case wavers.”

What I find personally flattering is the acknowledgement that Ms. Sharp includes with the book.  It reads as follows:

“Thanks goes to Suz Bednarz, who opens herself up on her blog in hopes of helping others, and to the brave women who speak on Suz’s blog. Thanks to you all. Thanks also to my mother and sister, Joan; my strongest cheerleaders. Thanks to my niece, Jeannine, who has been my ray of sunshine for as long as I’ve known her. Most of all, thanks to anyone who sacrifices and suffers heart wrenching loss so that someone they love can have it easier.”

I am about half way through.  I will refrain from reviewing  at this time but I do want to say this back to Ms. Sharp.

Thank you for your research, for taking a true story and retelling it via a medium you know best. I just met “Taryn”.  I choked up at her story.  Thank you. Just thank you for supporting me, mothers like me and for taking the time to understand and write about baby brokers, illegal adoptions and the pain they cause mothers and children for a lifetime.

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  1. I agree – bravo to you Suz….I am going to pick this book up – it sounds most excellent!

  2. This fascinates me, Suz. I look forward to your review of the book, to decide if I want to read it. Lately all I’ve been reading is nonfiction.

    Reminds me of a t-shirt I saw on a guy at a recent Society of Southwestern authors forum: “Be careful or you’ll end up in my novel.” 🙂

    • Will try to review this weekend. Kinda swamped professionally and personally with kid stuff right now. I did read it in a day. LOL. Many thoughts remuniating on it (many due to our conversations on facebook about same topic)

  3. Aaaaw Suz, I so appreciate you reading the story and mentioning it on your blog. Thank you for taking the time. I’m truly humbled, and if I can enlighten just one person, then it’s all worth it.

    I have to say that writing the story wasn’t easy. I love writing Leah but the research and story itself often made me very sad. It was very hard to shake, and I still have trouble thinking about it.

    If any of your blog followers would like a copy, they can feel free to email me and let me know, and I’ll send them an ecopy of Dirty Business 🙂

    It’s the least I can do in thanks for their honesty, courage and candor.


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