Adoption Constellation Magazine: Redux

The latest issue of the Adoption Constellation magazine arrived in my mailbox a few weeks (maybe months?). Been meaning to share my thoughts on it but have been busied by things like oh, weddings, back to school, parenting, work and living my life. Imagine that!

I enjoyed Dawn’s article “Post-Adoption Relationships in the Online World” that I was interviewed for. It was very relevant to me and I am honored she thought of me when doing research for it. The magazine’s policy does not allow me to scan it for you. You will just have to trust me on the content. I was given permission to retype it but really, who would do that? Well, maybe someone would but I wouldn’t (see previous reference to time challenges).  Perhaps when they have it online I will remember to link to it and share.

I realize there was controversy over this magazine (here on this blog and on others as a friend wrote me and told me I, my blog, my association with the magazine was being discussed elsewhere). Now that I have held it in my hands and read it cover to cover, I stand firm on my previous position that it is a good read. Varied audiences, representation from adoptive parents, adult adoptees, mothers who have surrendered child to adoption. I enjoyed the artwork and the wide variety of articles and topics. It was just the right amount of “heaviness” (meaning some adoption periodicals are either too light and fluffy and therefore out of touch with reality or so overloaded with the trauma of adoption that it sends me into a PTSD tailspin. This was neither). I reject the notion that liking this magazine (or not) is some measure of your adoption position.  I read many things related to adoption. Many are positive, negative, somewhere in between. Many are offensive, many are heartwarming and tear jerking.  None of them have the power to single handedly represent or change my position on adoption. For in the end, it is me, my self and I that make that decision using all the information I have gathered. I define me. No one else does and certainly no magazine can do so.

My offer to submit an article for their next issue was accepted by the editor.  Sadly, I could not meet their timeline due to my busy life and recent elopement. I have moved them to the back burner for a bit but hope to submit to them in the future.

2 Thoughts.

  1. Looks interesting.

    A conversation is better than no conversation as long as some rules of decorum are adhered to. I will read and see what I think.

  2. UnsignedMasterpiece :

    A conversation is better than no conversation as long as some rules of decorum are adhered to

    Well, that seems to be up for quite a bit of debate in the adoption circles. As discussed here (somewhat ad nauseum) many feel they should not have to follow any rules of decorum when discussing adoption. I still struggle to see how that is possible.

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