Macabre? Morbid or Realistic?

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” – Norman Cousins

Time has a thought provoking article up online about what happens to your online life after you die.

I have thought about this myself and actually, it is one reason I keep my blog up here even if I dont post that much. I havent thought much beyond that and the article linked to above did make me think a bit more.

If I should die, suddenly or not, and never have had the opportunity to meet and know my daughter again, this blog will remain for her to review if and when she would want to know. I find an odd sort of comfort in that. I am also very concious of who I read, comment on, what I say, what pictures I post, etc. elsewhere online.  Sure this is wise for professional reasons but again when thinking about my daughter, what would I want her to know, see, etc. if I died tommorrow?

My son have memories of me, have a life with me, have photos and momentos. But what would my daughter have should she want it years after I am gone?

Just the scraps I have left behind online.

5 Thoughts.

  1. Malinda – Agreed but also must add that that assumes my sons want to share them with her. I work hard at not jading them, not sharing my hurt feelings with them so that they can form their own opinions. I hear too often of kept siblings who resent the lost sibling and dont share with them once the shared parent is deceased. My task is to find a way to keep my sons hearts open to their sister even if hers appears closed to them.

    It is not easy.

  2. Along those lines, depending on if we were married at the time of your passing(ugh, so morbid to even think), I’d be your widowed husband potentially who could provide a veritable plethora of insights, information about you to her…
    I have not a clue how this works, it’s an interesting topic but for now I’m focusing on you being alive and around for many years to come Clem…

  3. Wow. Sweetie, that made me cry. You are correct and, unlike my sons, you have very little vested interest in whether or not my daughter chooses to know us. You would quite likely have a very open heart to her and I know confidetnly would share wonderful, wacky, awesome stories with her. Thank you for being you. I love you.

  4. My birthmother isn’t well… Interesting blog. Been thinking about what I need to do now…because it’s likely she may not even be alive a year from now. I wish we had more depth of conversation…or interaction… Idk. Complicated.


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