Collateral Damage Claims a New Generation

A few days ago I received a very strange and very young sounding comment on this blog. The comment was held for moderation as all commentors are the first time they appear here. I have not approved the comment and will not do so due to what I perceive to the be the age of the commenter (very young).

What I find curious and ultimately very sad is that the commenter claimed to be a grandchild of Seymour Kurtz, owner of the Kurtz network of baby brokers.  By viewing my stats, I was able to confirm the person googled a Kurtz network employee name (perhaps his mother?) and found my blog.  Their traffic came from Chicago, the heart of the Kurtz network. Based on these facts and the content of the comment, I believe the comment to be legit.

The individual was offended by this post and was quite defensive of Seymour Kurtz.

While I feel no love for Kurtz and those that have carried out his work of separating mother from child, I must admit I feel for this person, whom I envision to be a tween or preteen (based on the verbiage).

Can you imagine growing up thinking that grandpa is all rainbows and sunshine and then discovering via the internet unpleasant things about dear grand dad? The child was clearly in a state of disbelief and suggested I was making up “mean” stories about him. 

Not that I need to defend myself, but I want to note, again, that all I have stated here on this blog and elsewhere is a matter of public record and those records go far beyond my own experience and blog. Dr. Bernadette Wright’s body of work on the Kurtz Network (recently posted to contains all the necessary references  and source citations for my claims and more. 

To the little one that found this blog, I offer my compassion.

To Seymour himself, I offer the age old sentiment of “what goes around comes around.”  While you may never pay for the crimes you have committed against so many mothers and children, it appears they have the capacity to demand payment from your gene pool. How sad for them.

Ah, karma.

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  1. Holy smokes!

    I always admire your thoughtful compassion. It reminds me that I need to think before I talk/act. Good lesson right now.

  2. You go girl. You are right on – what goes around comes around. I’d add that the truth will out.

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