Trends and 2010 Top Posts [Dorky Data]

I enjoy the practice of reviewing your blog for the past year and noting its top posts. For me it gives me much insight into myself, specifically where I have been and where I might be headed.  It also gives me an opportunity to recycle posts visitors may not have had a chance to read.

In compiling my top posts, I reviewed stats for 2010.  To develop the trends, I reviewed my archives. I paid particular attention to the # of posts by month.  I entered the data into an excel spreadsheet and the chart below was produced.  I find this data interesting. Draw your own conclusions.

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Top Posts In Order of Popularity
(with abstracts and links to full post)

Approach with Caution
Easter House former director friends me on Facebook. I accept and later refuse.

My About Me page. Oddly popular this year (and it clearly needs to be updated).

Ugly Truths
A post following my presenting at the St. Johns Adoption Conference wherein a social worker from Illinois points out that since my daughters adoptive parents used state lottery winnings to pay the agency fee to adopt her that my daughter has LOTS of adoptive parents, namely all those that bought lottery tickets in her adopted home state. Still makes me feel sick to the stomach.

Pre Conference Ramblings + Jitters
A short rambling post about my conference jitters.  No idea why this post was popular.

Yeah, huh?
A simple picture post about letting go.

Decreased Reunions
An explanation for the decreased # of reunions for the members of

Comforting an 18 Year Old
My niece moves to Seattle and family reactions to her move trigger the hurt 18 year old inside of me.

My mothers decision to indirectly “out” herself as the grandmother to my daughter on Facebook. Followed by commentary on Facebook and adoption “outings” on same.

Witty and Pretty and Gay
I discovered and later shared the fact that my daughter, whom I have not held since the third day of her life, outted herself on the internet at bi, queer, gay, well, whatever word you use.

Amazing Race
Sharing my discomfort over the mother/daughter reunited pair on one of my favorite shows, The Amazing Race.

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  1. Interesting, Suz. I’m not very techy and don’t analyze my stats much. But now I’m curious and going to check which posts are most visited. XO D.

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