Hiding Your IP Arse

Why would anyone seriously hide their IP when visiting my blog?  I don’tget it (largely because I don’t practice such things myself).

I can think of at least two people that it MIGHT be but really, why bother. Srsly?

The individual(s) in question are using a site/service called Hidemyass.com to visit my blog.  For those not familiar with this type of technology, hidemyass.com and similar services allow you to surf the web anonymously. You got to the site (in this case hidemyass) enter the URL you want to surf to and they take you there.  Once there, the site you are visiting only reflects hidemyass and does not show things like your own IP, location, state, etc.

Ooh such intrigue, such deception, such mystery, such a waste of time.

You may recall I have had visitors like this before. Perhaps even the same one.

I could posit the possible whos and even the whys.  I am not going to bother. I find it rather sad, particularly if it is who I think it is.

7 Thoughts.

  1. My immediate thought was “Wow, now THAT’s a name that would be a great marketing tool for women’s jeans.”

  2. Creepy indeed. I don’t get why anyone would do that, be that paranoid or sneaky. Since you have an idea of who they are, you would know more.

  3. Maybe it is a work thing. Most people I know who use IP tools like this do it because their work blocks tons of sites. Perhaps they are using the pro version all the time and it obscures everything.

    Let’s hope it is just a fan who works for a company who is ultra restrictive and not a troublemaker.

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