Musical Triggers

Haven’ t heard this song since I wrote this post.  Reminded me of the post, what it was about, and yeah, made me cry. I was driving to pick up my son from his friends.

Have you ever tried to driving and crying?  No fun.  Less fun to wipe tears from your eyes as you approach the home of your son’s friend’s home for the first time and meet said friends mother.


I realize its a Who song yet something in Eddie Vedder’s voice gets me deep inside (much like the entire sound track of Into the Wild).

The trigger prompted me to share this again.

It Reigns Over Me

I dare you. I dare you to see this move and not think once, maybe even twice, about mothers who lose their children to adoption.

Reign Over Me is a movie starring Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle, two of my favorite actors. The movie had been recommended to me by a friend in Ireland, an adoptee and therapist. I immediately put it on my NetFlix queue and it arrived today.

Sick with a sinus infection, alone for the evening, I thought it would be a perfect way to relax and nurse my aching head.

Silly me. Read entire post.

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