Amazing Race

Reunited mother/daughter pair on Amazing Race.



Kinda took me by surprise and may impact my ability to watch the show this season. Awful and selfish of me, I know, but part of me wants them to be eliminated early so I can watch the show.  Yet another part of me wants them there and wants them to succeed and show the world the reality of adoption reunion…at least their reality. It may get some people thinking.

The few shows I do watch on television are done for purely mind numbing escapist reasons. I like to get away from my life.  With this pair on AR that will not be possible.

Maybe I am wrong.

Maybe I don’t give myself enough credit.

Maybe I just don’t know.

Read the mom’s bio and listen to their joint video on the Amazing Race site.

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  1. I was surprised too! I think it will be VERY interesting to watch them. I haven’t looked at the bio or the joint video yet but what I gathered from the show was their relationship was fairly new? For me, it’s very cool and not tough to watch at all but I fear they may not survive long if last night was any indication of how they’re going to do.

    • They said in their opening that it was only the third time they had been together. They seem like sweet women. I do wish them well (and myself too!).

  2. I don’t think it’s awful or selfish of you to want to watch the show without this extra layer in it, we all do that for a lot of different reasons. But I also agree that the fact that they are out there could open up some minds. Gosh knows there are a lotta minds that need opening!!

    Hugs to you!!!

  3. I watched the promo. I do not watch the show.

    Here is my take: every time a “normal” mother is on tv in reunion with her adopted child it puts a “normal” face on adoption reunion.

    The Locator, Find My Family (which BTW was extremely upsetting to my son’s afamily) all show that wanting to connect to your origins is absolutely natural. And that “those” origins are probably “normal” people.

    Unfortunately my son’s adoptive family is sanctimonious, self righteous and downright cruel – but only when it comes to my existence. I hope that through the power of the media that maybe, just maybe one of them gets a clue.

    Luckily I have a great relationship with my son. It is painful to see these people make him suffer because of me.

    • every time a “normal” mother is on tv in reunion with her adopted child it puts a “normal” face on adoption reunion.

      Cannot tell if you find this good or bad?

      Random side note: For some reason you consistently are unrecognized and I must approve your comments. I am not moderating you. You just got stuck in my approval filter.

  4. I think Angelle meant putting a normal face on on adoption reunion as a good thing. I agree. But I can’t watch the show. I couldn’t even finish watching the video of them that you shared. I was going to watch Glee for the first time last week (so many people rave about it), but didn’t, for no real reason. Then learned about the adoption theme there.

    Oy indeed. Adoption has become an overworked theme on TV.

    On the subject of normal, I hate anything that puts a normal face on adoption in the first place. It’s not.

  5. Suz: perhaps it is my generic email address?

    Anyway what I meant was that it says adoption reunion should be considered a normal progression in the life of an adoptee.

  6. Ok, so, like…if that were me on Amazing Race with my bmom…I don’t care if it was the FIRST time we were together, I would have shouted, “Get the hell out of the driver’s seat and let ME drive the damn standard, we aren’t getting eliminated ‘cuz of your shit driving skills!!!!” :o) Then I would have politely apologized when we landed safely on the mat at the pit-stop.

    Side note though…I did think, with a slightly sinking feeling in my heart, when they were introducing all of the teams, “Seriously? Can I not get an adoption break anywhere?”


    • Laurel – Funny you should mention that scene. I got the feeling the daughter was holding back some sort of emotion. She seemed kinda flat or something. Like she did want to say something but due to the fact it was only the fourth time (I count birth as the first) she had been in her mothers presence she held back. And the mom, yikes, I woulda been dying. I am sure I woulda have been even worse off (I dont drive stick) as my emotions and worry about her judging me and what she was thinking would have made the situation even worse.

      It was odd for me to watch. Again, that layer/filter. I cannot watch it without my own experience, feelings, clouding the visual field and causing some emotional noise.

      • I totally hear ya, Suz. I felt like she was holding back too. She HAD to have been and was likely being ‘polite’. Cause, had it been a parent who raised her and/or a friend she knew for life…surely her response would have been more like the one I would have had?!

        It’s really weird watching them as a team…it’s kinda uncomfortable in a way, so I can imagine that you’re placing yourself in that situation and wondering what you’d be doing or feeling. You can sense some uncomfy vibes.

        Also, I have to confess something. *deep breath*

        I don’t drive a standard…and have no sweet clue how to. BUT – had I been in the running to do the race, I totally would have learned before I left home. :o)

        • Laurel – LOL. Yeah, I agree. I would have also learned (but may have been unsuccessful as my ex hubs tried to teach me and I just gave up.)

  7. Laurel, OMFG, ROTFLMFAO at your “Get the hell out of the driver’s seat and let ME drive the damn standard, we aren’t getting eliminated ‘cuz of your shit driving skills!!!!”
    Too funny, she was killing the clutch for sure, : )

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