Seeking Dorothy May Berry / Dorothy Thompson

Posted with permission of adoptee and her husband. I am assisting them with their search. If anyone has any insight, suggestions, help, please put in comments or write me privately.

“hi my name is chris brown and my wife was adopted out of chicago il in 1959. her birth name was jaquline lenn thompson. her adopted name was gay ellen mollen. she was adopted to a family in union nj.on her adoption decree her birthmother was dorothy thompson aka dorothy mae berry. it said she was the sole serviving parent.

We have been working with midwest adoption center now for about 5 yrs. and we haven’t really got anything from them.they told us or we found out that she was born at columbus hospital by dr.louis b. friedman on 01/24/1959 at 1pm.the adoption was handled by a lawyer named harry d cohen from chicago.midwest has her obc with a third name on it but of course we can’t have that obc.midwest also told us that her bithmother was 36 and her birthfather was 46 and that she has three older siblings.

We were in chicago in feb.of this year doing some research of are own and visited midwest and they were surprised to see us.we kind of lit a fire under their ass but we still haven’t got too much.we also are working with 2 search people troy the locator and paul brown from kansas and it seems that nobody can find out anything about her birthmother.she was told by her adopted mother that her adoption was a gray adoption what ever that means.her adopted father paid 20k for her back in 1959.

We happen to come across this web site and seen a story on it about a person born at columbus hospital  and was put in the easter house right after we are trying to see if it was possible that maybe she was also connect to the easter house or any other place.or if their is a connection between kurtz,friedman,and cohen.she also knows that it was about 4 month before her adopted parents came to chicago to pick her up.she also was adopted by a jewish family in nj.and kurtz,friedman and cohen are all jewish names.and she was born in a catholic hospital it sounds fishy for 1959.

This search has been very hard on my wife and all she really wants is to have her obc and to find out what her back round is.Is she irish,swedish,scotish or what ever and also to find out her family medical history.she just went though possible breast cancer and the first question the dr ask is their history of  breast cancer in your family and she can not answer that.if you can find out anything that would be great and if not thank you for hearing my story.

thank you so much
chris & gay ellen brown(jaquline lenn thompson)