Death of a Baby Salesman?

He who does not punish evil, commands it to be done – Leonardo Da Vinci

Midwest Adoption Center (IL) has confirmed for me and many members of my support group that Easter House Adoption Agency (the heart of the Kurtz network of agencies) has indeed been shut down.

Amidst rumors of federal raids, revoked licenses, the confirmation came to us a few days ago via a natural grandmother who had only recent learned of the long history of unethical adoption practices utilized by Easter House. Upon receiving her email, many of my ehfamily members contacted Midwest Adoption and spoke with Leticia. Leticia confirmed it was true. Easter House has been closed down.

I should be happy. These are the horrible souls that threatened me with lawsuits, had my parents sign a promissory note and sold my daughter. These are the people that have sedated mothers, strapped them to beds in restraints, given them police escorts out of the hospitals and away from their new born children.  These are the evil doers that took oodles of money from desperate infertile prospective adopters and told them their money was going to help the mothers get on their feet. (The money went into the Easter House coffers). These are the sickos that had non English speaking or reading mothers sign documents in English that gave them custody of her child and told her verbally in Spanish she could come get her child when she was back on her feet. These are the crafty people behind GoldenLink Foundation, the organization that offered mothers TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS upon surrendering her child to one of their approved (cough, Kurtz) agencies. (But that is not baby trafficking, right? Pffft).  These are the people that had birth mother showings whereby they had prospective adoptive couples visit the maternity homes to stare at expectant mothers like they would an animal in a zoo cage  or a car on a used car parking lot. Only instead of admiring the wild beast or the color of the paint job, they were attempting to determine the quality of the child that expectant mother might produce. "oooh, I like THAT MODEL!".

Barf. Gag me with a spoon and make me write bad checks.

I should be happy, right?

I am ambivalent.

My fear is that this will become a game of whack-a-mole. Seymour Kurtz, MaryAnn Milajlovic, Cecelia Green, and their cohorts have survived congressional hearings, numerous lawsuits, and more state licensing battles than most can count. (Read for details)

I fear they will pick themselves up by their crap covered boot straps and go to another state, pick a new fancy uber cutesy new adoption name, and start the process of raping mothers of their babies again. 

Call me pessimistic.  Something just still eats at my soul where these people are concerned.

Lets also not forget that as far as we know, Birth Hope Adoption Agency, (another one of the Kurtz beast legs) is still in operation.  We are also aware they have jumped the pond and have been marketing their fine baby selling services to hungry prospective adopters in Europe.  (And second thought, who do you hold accountable? Those that are creating the demand – adoptive parents – or those that are meeting the demand with a regular supply of babies?)

For those interested in finding out more, contact Leticia at the Midwest Adoption Service. Rumor has it she will send you a form and add your name to a database.  Midwest, by their own account, is overwhelmed with calls and questions regarding Easter House. They have yet to set up a process and understand what, when and how they can possibly provide service to those searching for their family members. 

I personally wrote Midwest and offered to help them and advised them to refer people to my site for assistance. Due to closed records, archaic IL adoption laws, I am fairly confident Midwest will not be able to do much for those that call them. (Although, since they are the IL CI, I am sure they can offer to take some money from callers and begin a lengthy search for natural parents to give adopted adults what they should never have to ask for let alone pay for – their family history and medical information.  Before I begin ranting about my thoughts in CI programs, I will stop here).

I strongly hope that Midwest will be decent enough to say we cannot help you but you might try looking up

Parties interested in finding out more should contact Leticia at 1-847-298-9096 extension 29 or contact the CI service for more detail.

Confidential Intermediary Service of Illinois
3158 South River Road
Suite 120
Des Plaines, Illinois 60018

Fax: 847-298-9097
via the web at

I really want to belt out a few lyrics of ding dong the witch is dead but something inside me tells me the witch is just flying off to another state to scoop up more babies from bloody wombs and stick a "for sale" sign on their downy soft bellies.

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  1. I still think it’s a good thing. And you should take a moment to be happy.
    It’s alot harder to hide in the world than it used to be. You should take some comfort in that.

  2. Yes like you I withhold the cheers. In 1985 when they placed my daughter they didn’t have a license. (Battling the State after their license was pulled another time).
    Oh I just hope this time sticks…
    Love ya 🙂

  3. I think it will finally stick, at least for the name Easter House since this time they took al the files, that’s big.
    That’s not to say they aren’t going to continue trying to open up shop somewhere like Utah or any other state that caters to those trying to adopt and has no revokation period… but at least someone is on the trail for the time being.
    I like Suz and Kristy are somewhat ambivalent.

  4. I saw the heading of your post in my reader and my heart skipped hoping you were going to report that Kurtz died. I guess the death of Easter House is second best.
    But as an adoptee whose records were falsified, my only hope of finding my birthmother is to get a hold of the Easter House file. Any news if these files were recovered? Does Midwest have possession? I already went through the CI program and it came up empty handed. My last hope is that file. Not that they’re shut down, I do hope our information doesn’t disappear into oblivion…

  5. Ambivalent. Adoptions from the Heart here in PA (tied to Maryann) is still wide-open for business and spewing gross ad campaigns. They’ve actually become more prominent in the past few months. It’s like they were a back-up to Easter House, and now that it’s gone it’s their new #1. whatever.

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