Still Breathing

Thank you Denise for your sweet sentiment. Truth is I miss blogging but every time I attempt to do so something inside me turns mealy and uncomfortable causing a little bit of bile to rise in my throat.  I have been drafting and editing posts but don’t feel like actually positing them. I have chosen to assume this is a time of self reflection and growth. (And if it is not, at least it sounds good).

Been very busy with my very fulfilling job, studying and parenting and partnering and dieting (lost nearly 20 lbs so far!). Most notably, still dealing with my Dads illness. He was transitioned to hospice this week.

So, yeah, I am still here. Do intend to keep writing/blogging so I appreciate those who hang around.

If you want to see a visual of non adoption things I like or share, check out my tumblr.  Generally nothing but photos, topics, things I like (as in hair coloring). I generally tumbl a few times a day.


3 Thoughts.

  1. Sorry to hear about your dad’s decline, Suz. Take advantage of the wonders that are Hospice. They are very comforting. They are still calling to check in on me since my friend died at the end of December. Just love on your dad and your mom. Love on each other. You’ve been so blessed with a wonderful man, who loves and supports you and the boys. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers. Sending hugs and love you way.

  2. Hon, you have so much on your plate right now. I’m so so sorry about your Dad’s illness. It’s never ever easy to watch our parents go through something like this.

    You blog when you want to. We know where to find you to keep in touch. Huge hugs to you and the whole family.

  3. (((SUZ))) Thinking of you during these hard times. I definitely understand the need to take time off from blogging. Just take care of yourself and your loved ones. Also let them take care of you…

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