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After a bit of a delay, I have made the time to update the registry on Apologies to the submitters for the time it has taken me. I prefer to group updates. I would like to note that many of our entries do not have email or contact info linked to them. This is by design and at the request of certain posters. I do have the contact details in my private files so if you have a question, think you may have match, feel free to contact me and I will share accordingly.

A few highlights:

Gretchen, Easter House adoptee born in Phoenix, AZ and placed into NJ. The birth place of Phoenix makes me believe she was surrendered to Birth Hope but adopted via Easter House. Kurtz network trafficked babies across their many agencies. Gretchen was born February 15, 1991 in Phoenix. Gretchen believes she was given the birth name of Jessica-Marie.

Kodi is looking for her son she surrendered in 1995 under the expectation it would be an open adoption. Like many mothers duped by Easter House, once she signed the papers and her child was taken from her, she learned an open adoption was never planned. Kodi son was born in September of 1995.  The content of Kodi’s emails to me read like an Easter House primer.  Sad how nearly every mother has the same tales of lies and deceit told to them.

Beth would like to to find her daughter born 2/21/1978. She surrendered her daughter to Birth Hope in AZ. She like many mothers has contacted the agency for information and they have ignored all her calls.

Birth sibling, Andrew, searches for twin brothers surrendered to American Friends of Children. The brothers were born on April 20, 1990.

Mother Michelle searches for her son born on September 12, 1992 and surrendered to American Friends of Children.

Adoptive mother Ruth continues her search for her daughters’ first family.  Daughter was born September 15, 1981, surrendered to Easter House.  Birth family last name believed to be Tufano.

Steve, born December 25, 1982, is searching for his first mother. He was born in Waukegan, IL and like so many other Easter House adoptees was placed into the State of NJ.

Lisa was born May 16, 1975 and named Martha Rubio at birth. She was adopted via Casa del Sur, an agency we don’t often hear from.

Finally, there is Elizabeth.  She was born on August 31, 1983 at Memorial Hospital in IL. She would like to find her mother and any other family.  Elizabeth was also adopted into the State of NJ.

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