Jezebel Abandons Jezebels

I had hoped, foolishly, that Jezebel’s posting of the adoption article about not believing in adoption would prompt good discussion.

Foolish me. As a friend on twitter told me, I was too kind. Jezebel readers appear to be posting only PRO adoption comments to the article. Seems strange, no?

What a shame yet how ironic. The name Jezebel is often associated with false prophets and in the early 20th century the name became associated with fallen or abandoned women like me.

Jezebel has abandoned women AND children by choosing to present a one-sided view of adoption in America. Shame on you.

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      • I don’t understand their comment policy AT ALL but I think you should submit something to them to post in their regular blog. I know they do reposts from other blogs sometimes.

  1. Jezebel wouldn’t allow this Jezebel to respond either! Guess we are to be seen but not heard if we have a different point of view.

  2. I used to frequent this site because I thought it was “feminist”. Then I started noticing the pro-adoption stuff creeping in there and eventually it just got to be too much for me so I never visit Jezebl any more. I really don’t understand how people who claim to be pro-choice don’t want to hear the other side of the adoption message.

    • Eileen – I had the same experience. I was initially attracted to them for their savvy writing and feminist outlook but I no longer find that to be the case with the site and the quality of their writing.

  3. They didn’t post what this Jezebel had to say either. And I really tried to be koolaid-friendly in the hopes they would actually print my reply. They must have been able to read between the lines in what I said…

  4. Too bad they won’t post comments. If they are so suprised that there are alternative viewpoints regarding adoption, wouldn’t it be in their best interest to explore those views a bit more? Isn’t that how we all become more thoughful and enlightened over time?

  5. I took your “trigger warning” seriously, Suz, and did not go read. Sounds like exploring other views is not part of their mission. Too bad…

    • I suspected the comments were more triggering than the actual post. The post was sort of mocking the fact that the grandmother of the child on one of the teen pregnancy reality shows does not believe in adoption – as if there was something wrong with NOT abandoning your own family to strangers. The comments were pretty pro adoption and i was hoping there would be some support for family preservation – there wasnt.

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