Young Mothers Dream

I recently learned of an organization in New York called A Young Mothers Dream. I want to share it with you and encourage you (if you are in their area) to consider volunteering as a mentor.  I have begun preliminary conversations with Geneva Farrow, the Executive Director and Founder, to determine ways I can help them myself.  Connecticut is not that far from New York.

The mission of  A Young Mothers Dream, according to their website, is to assist young/teen moms in completing their education through a one on one mentorship program. To motivate them to become more accomplished individuals. To instill determination, resilience and excellence as core characteristics for these mothers. To work together to decrease teen pregnancies by promoting abstinence.

If this mission interests you, I encourage you to view their youtube video or visit their site.

2 Thoughts.

  1. SUZ, I so wished this new orginization would branch out. I live in rural Missouri, and unfortunately adoption is never talked about(at least that I know of), and there is no place available for young women to get into a mentoring program. I am so sorry someone (even well meaning?) has felt a need to harrass your daughter. This truly saddens me:( I hope they will cease these ‘generic” attacks, and look deeper inside theirselves for their own answers as to ‘why’ they feel a need to do such things! I hope the “anniversary” day brought you some sort of peace…you have come far:) Hugs,CJ~

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